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Tea & Chocolate

Not just coffee: Filicori Zecchini, in fact, has learned over the years to respond to all the needs of those who manage a coffee bar and want to pamper clients with a wide range of top quality products.  

The chocolate blend, available in eight flavors, from the classic dark chocolate to one flavored with spices, is perfect for preparing hot drinks, indispensable during the winter, but also creams and other delights.

Our tea selection, which covers a full range, embraces classic and flavored blends. The difference lies in the pyramid nylon filter. This neat solution, which represents a technical and aesthetical innovation, allows a healthy, natural and high quality drink to be prepared, using whole leaves.

Filicori Zacchini tea and Italian chocolate selections are just the touch of unforgettable taste to add to your best recipes.

Tè Abstract - Filicori Zecchini


English breakfast

Pure Ceylon origins for this classic tea with a full-bodied and decisive flavor.

Earl Grey Blue Flowers

The classic Ceylon tea flavored with essential oil of Bergamot is enriched, in this blend, with the delicate touch of blue cornflower petals.

Darjeeling Supreme

Directly from the foothills of the Himalayas, this pure Darjeeling tea of the second harvest is characterized by the precious aroma of muscatel grapes.

Scottish breakfast

Amber-colored, intense and pungent, this tea was created for breakfast time and goes particularly well with milk.

Green Tea & Camomile

The green teas, which come from Ceylon and China, together with naturally dried chamomile, bring to life a comforting and relaxing hot drink.

Green Mint

A great classic for green tea lovers, originating in Ceylon and China, enriched with a selection of naturally dried peppermint leaves.

Jasmine Green

This is a green tea of Chinese tradition, characterized by the delicate perfume of Jasmine, whose leaves come from the Chinese region of Hunan.

Passion Fruit Black

This exotic mix contains some of the most precious black teas of Ceylon, with whole tea leaves, and small pieces of passion fruit.

Black Tea with Lemon

Among the most classic and most loved blends, this black tea also contains natural lemon rind and extract.

Wood Rose

Forest fruits, rose petals and natural perfumes make this naturally sweet and comforting black tea unique.

Spring Infusion

Thanks to the fruit and flowers of the season, this green tea has important antioxidant properties.

Summer Infusion

Summer flowers and fruits make this infusion perfect for also drinking cold, with a little ice to refresh you on those summer nights.

Fall Infusion

Apple and cinnamon, which we find in this regenerating and revitalizing cup, are immediately evocative of autumn.

Winter Infusion

This blend rich with dried fruits, herbs and aromas calls to mind a Christmas atmosphere, perfect for warming up your winter.

Sweet Rooibos

Naturally caffeine free, this infusion has a light hazelnut flavor and is best savored without sugar, to appreciate its natural sweetness.

Camomile & Honey

Thirst-quenching and relaxing, this chamomile, enriched with honey, aids rest and helps digestion.

Italian Chocolate Blends

Cioccolato Abstract - Filicori Zecchini

Dark Chocolate

Classic mix for hot chocolate where the decisive taste of cocoa dominates.

White Chocolate

For those with a sweet tooth, this white chocolate is creamy and comforting.

Hazelnut Chocolate

The combination of cocoa and hazelnut brings out the natural sweetness of the chocolate, giving it an unmistakable aroma.

Orange Chocolate

The most classic of combinations, of cocoa and citrus fruits, comes together in a cup of refined chocolate.

Spice Chocolate

Nutmeg, cloves, ginger and cinnamon give this creamy hot chocolate a spicy touch.

Caramel Chocolate

The decisive taste of caramel is ideally suited to go with the creamy sweetness of hot chocolate, leaving a very pleasant aftertaste.

Almond Chocolate

The dry and particular aroma of the almond is a good counterpart to the sweetness and creaminess of the chocolate, creating a contrast which is highly pleasing to the palate.

Vanilla Chocolate

A eulogy of sweetness with this hot chocolate flavored with vanilla, which seems like a warm embrace.