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Italian Espresso machine and Coffee, commercial coffee equipment and much more

Our passion for high quality coffee and the century of experience in the field of coffee roasting and distribution have driven us to perfect a special service for all your needs. We dedicate our attention to, undoubtedly the best coffees for bars, but also to the supplies, the Italian espresso machine and commercial coffee equipment, the consulting, the accessories and anything and everything that you might need in order to provide your clients with the best experience in quality and taste.

Our Services


In 2001 we inaugurated the Espresso Laboratory, the training school of Filicori Zecchini, which was born from the need to share what we had learned over the years. Every year, we train more than 1,200 professionals, offering basic or more creative solutions in line with the needs of the company and giving previews to the latest industry innovations. Moreover, improving the professional qualities of those working every day with our products can only increase our competitive edge.


Choosing the most suitable coffee bar supplies for your needs is fundamental for proposing quality products. For this reason, together we choose the Italian espresso machine, the coffee grinder and the purifier most suitable for each establishment, providing them on loan or for sale at particularly advantageous prices.


We have thought of everything that might be useful for you to accompany espresso, macchiato and cappuccino: siphons, milk jugs, cups, aprons, sugar, sweeteners, chocolates. We evaluate together, step by step, which accessories can make the difference to your counter and we select the right ones to make any establishment welcoming.

Events in your establishment

Do you want to offer your clients an extraordinary experience to discover the finest quality coffee? We have thought of that, too: we organize personalized events in your establishment with our bar trainers who recommend tastings in which our products are carefully matched with your pastry selection; we also suggest menus which include the various seasonal  coffee-based specialties, taken from our sumptuous recipe book, courses to discover different kinds of coffee drink other than espresso, of single-origin and new blends.