The Best Filicori Zecchini Coffee for Pastry

Experience and quality: these elements represent the added value that we offer your pastry shop. Since 1919, we have been in close collaboration with the artists of pastry and ice-cream, learning to anticipate their needs, respond to their real requirement and provide the best coffee for pastry chefs.

The carefully selected coffee blends which make us stand out, are perfect for tasting when combined with sweets, but also as ingredients for every coffee-based preparation. It is also for this reason that Filicori Zecchini is the official partner of AMPI, the Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani (Academy of Master Italian Pastry chefs), which since 1993, is synonymous with passion and professionalism.

There should be no limit to your dreams: Filicori Zecchini knows how to make the most of sweets, ice-creams and all the delights of the patisserie, and it does this through advice, consulting and training. Together we can: organize tasting events in your bar, study a gourmet menu which finds the perfect combination of coffee blends and pastries, supply all the equipment you need, accompany you through all the commercial challenges that you will no longer need to face alone. But not only this: imagine being able to offer your clients creative coffee and milk art? We also take care of the training, with our Espresso Laboratory.

Espresso Machine - Filicori Zecchini

Our Services for Pastry Chefs

Discover our services for pastry shops: consulting, training, organization of events and everything you need to enhance your coffee proposals.