Filicori Zecchini: the best Coffee for Ho.Re.Ca bars, pastry shops and restaurants

No bar, pastry shop or restaurant should be without the aroma, taste and pleasure of coffee, and this is why Filicori Zecchini, since 1919, has been there with you, professional in the sector, to offer you personalized solutions for your business. Our strength comes from our experience and knowledge earned from years of working side by side with our customers. We offer the highest quality products, consulting, training and all the services that you need to become the star of a unique and unmistakable quality experience.

These are the ingredients necessary to choose the best coffees for bars, pastry shops and restaurants. Discover how we can help you succeed today.

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What we offer you

Coffee is at the heart of that unique, special relationship you have with each client, and this is why we are right by your side to help you to pamper them. We help every coffee barista, pastry and restaurant chef by offering their clients a fully inclusive, top quality proposal of the best coffees and teas, to which can be added gourmet pastries, creative coffee offers, and delicious dishes. Filicori Zecchini can accompany you, then, step by step, to make the ideal proposal for your clients become a reality, ranging from consulting for the creation of a personalized menu to the organization of events which enhance your products.

The taste and quality of the coffee that you have on offer will be guaranteed, thanks to the training, packed with creative and original proposals, by our Espresso Laboratory: so it will be simple to become a trusted partner for your clientele.

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Laboratorio dell’Espresso

The Espresso Laboratory was started in 2001 to promote coffee culture par excellence all over the world and share the achievements, the expertise and the knowledge which allowed us to establish ourselves even far outside our beloved Bologna. The internal training school declares its offer of made-to-measure coffee courses for every professional: we start from a basic barista training course, but we also offer milk art, creative coffee, workshops in brewing dedicated to discovering coffee extraction methods other than Espresso, right up to the newest course of Espresso Italiano Tasting for professionals and enthusiasts.

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