Filicori Zecchini Coffee

The secret of the Filicori Zecchini coffee blends lies entirely in the careful attention to two elements: the careful selection of the coffee beans, chosen by a group of well-trusted suppliers chosen over the years, and the particular attention dedicated to the roasting process. In fact, for years, the company has chosen to carry out separate roasting for each of its single-origin coffees: because every type of green coffee has its own optimum roasting time and, consequently, it is possible to obtain the best flavor from each type of bean.

These are the characteristics that are important to Filicori Zecchini coffee, not just the appreciation of millions of Italians, experts or simply coffee lovers, but also the prestigious Italian espresso certificate “Espresso Italiano Certificato”, a guarantee of absolute quality.

The Certificate “Espresso Italiano Certificato”

Only the coffee producers that faithfully respect the specifications drafted in 1998 by the Italian National Espresso Institute, Istituto Nazionale dell’Espresso Italiano, can label their products with the logo “Espresso Italiano Certificato”. Filicori Zecchini obtained this certification in 2004.

The characteristics that an Italian espresso coffee must have are well-established: it must be obtained by a blend of roasted beans of different origins, ground by the bartender directly at the moment of preparation and extracted by the machine so that the resulting drink has certain organoleptic properties.

Precise indications also relate to the crema, which must be hazelnut colored, without a wide mesh or bubbles. As is underlined in the dominance of smell and taste over the other senses: the aroma must be intense, with tones of flowers, fruit, toasted bread, and chocolate, while the flavor must be rounded, velvety and balanced.

The result is a harmony of sensations which, those who have tasted Filicori Zecchini coffee, know how to recognize.

Italian espresso coffee: our products


Naturally sweet, this Italian espresso coffee blend has an intense aroma, a characteristic which is also reflected in the flavor, it has a strong full-bodied quality. The aroma offers pleasant tones of milk chocolate and toasted hazelnut, while the aftertaste, soft and balanced, is reminiscent of fresh cream.


The Filicori Zecchini Espresso Blend is a fine blend of Brazilian Arabica and Asian Robusta: the result is an intense and well-rounded coffee, with a decisive aroma and well-balanced flavors.

Caffè Forte - Filicori Zecchini


Packed with intensity and flavors, this blend is characterized by an intense and full-bodied flavor. The bitter note is clearly perceptible to the palate, accompanied by the sensation of toasted cereals which remain also in the aftertaste.


A precious blend of Brazilian Arabica, Indian Robusta and beans from Guatemala, Gran Crema Delicato is a coffee with an articulate and complex spiciness and well-rounded flavor. Sweet and delicate tones dominate, with an aroma which evokes plain/dark chocolate, vanilla and toasted cereals.

Coffee in Beans


The sweetness is the prevailing quality of this blend, similar to the Kavè, which maintains a decisive and pleasing aroma and calls to mind hints of almond and nougat.  The totally negligible astringent and the fine aftertaste make this intense blend elegant and delicate.


Italian blend of finest whole beans coffees, suitable for iced coffee and cold milk preparations

46th & Madison

Our Medium and Dark roast 46th & Madison is blended specifically for use in drip coffee brewing. Offers a smooth, well-balanced flavor whether you add milk or drink your coffee black. .

46th & Madison - Medium - Filicori Zecchini


Gourmet Blend of Colombian and Brazilian Coffee Beans, made in New York City


Gourmet Blend of Colombian and Brazilian Coffee Beans, made in New York City

46th & Madison - Dark - Filicori Zecchini