Nepal, geographically a landlocked nation, is set in the backdrop of the magnificent Himalayas with the highest peak "Mount Everest" in its midst. From the heights of snow-laden landscape to the lush foothills in the tropical lowlands, Mother Nature has blessed this paradise on earth with a natural beauty. Within this environment, Nepal grows good quality tea which can be compared with the best quality teas in the world.


It is believed that the first tea bushes in Nepal were grown from the seeds given as a gift, by the Chinese Emperor to the then Prime minister, Jung Bahadur Rana. Around 1863, after the first tea plantation was set up in Darjeeling, hybrids of tea bushes were brought back to Nepal. It was then Nepal's first tea plantation, Ilam Tea Estate, was set up in the district of Ilam at an altitude of 5000-6000 feet above sea level.

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